its SGA SG-1 ChiCon time again

I am so excited to go to ChiCon again this year!.. My t-shirts for team fly boy are ready our team fly boy swag is done and did three autograph books this year and 3 mini books! And all this with school starting next week!!!! Working on my SC project... Muskie has been AWOL.these past several months. But My Team Kellan mojo is strong!

Con Video update coming.
team fly-boy

IT's ME!!

yes its official I have kooties!!! killed my HP laptop and then got a new DELL (still saying Dude I got a Dell *giggles to self*) and then broke that one.. Hubby was able to recover and I am again re-loading..  Stories are safe on thumb drive (that I lost for 3 weeks) and will start editing my longer shep story soon.. but I did scratch an itch for my vidding...  *ahhhhhhhhh*


Be Back soon

sooo behind on posting, been busy working at school and life in general.. seems when you take 2 months off to recover (mini-vaca) life does not just move on.. they left it for me to play catch-up.. and since I dont seem to know the word NO and its all HELL YA!! I am back on several coms at the school again ( I did turn down Vic Pres again.. I am not stupid that one goes to Pres next year.. not gonna happen.. I am looking towards school board not PTA) .. plus working the computer lab on Wed AM, subbing etc... plus the kids activities little one is doing Karate and oldest in GirlScouts... I wish RL would slow down but we all know that wont happen..

so before round 2 starts .. yes I am going back to the doctors its time again.. was nice to take the month of sept and Oct and pushed NOV. bwahahahahaha.. but that was short lived..

and as for ART and VIDS!!!!  I got cooties (thats what hubby says) and my HP DIED..RIP so I have been without a computer for awhile now.. ( so not cool when I set up the entire fall festival with my phone email..  thankfully I did finally get TXT.. that has saved me!!!! that I did not totally fall off the reality cliff!!!

so a few more days till black friday - then I get my new DELL, no laptop.. going BIG this time!!! and working on Hoiday Flyboy wallie exchange and working on 12days of christmas fic and artwork... and as of now.. nursing my back again (love left over pain meds..lallalalalalalalalalalalala)

oh yes and MOMMA is coming in next week (so hubby is heading out of town..AKA business... oil and water dont mix) so thats a great week for ME!!!! I love my mom......but there is a reason I live at least 1,000 miles away!!!

off to enjoy the numb feeling in my lips from this stuff I took...*shakes finger* sometime today... and enjoy the silence.. since I sent the little ones to play at Grandma's Farm for part of the thanksgiving holiday!!



did another vid.. that me and youtube do not agree on the music.. so had to load up on Vimeo to share... grumble to youtube..

got this idea in my head going thru my husbands playlist..  total AU for Sheppard in Vegas

team fly-boy


my offering for FLYBOY DAY!!!

for now PB is giving me grief... but here is my vid..of my fav Fly-boy


I heard the song and got this stuck in my head.. then for 5 months I wrote the story Boy'sNight at the beta now.. all base on this song and this little thought that ran through my head of EATG.. as the Team was waiting for the end ot come..